Monday, November 07, 2005

As a child growing up in the fifties I really didn't have a lot of hobbies and things that interested me. Other kids collected stamps, models, some collected comic books among others. When I was in grade 1, 1959 or so, (I started late) I was into marbles and into the Cub scouts but dad was often on strike and there wasn't a lot of money to go around so that fell by the wayside. Hobbies and such were not a big thing in our family growing up in Coquitlam BC.

Like most young teenagers in 1965 the British invasion came and we were attracted to that. Mostly the Beatles and related music scene. I tried getting into comic books in the mid 1960's but when all I got was $2 week, if that even, the hobby didn't last long. It resurfaced in my mid to late teens when I had my back operation in 1968 and having to be bed ridden for 6 months, comic books TV and radio were my only friends. After my back operation my friend Jim Martin and I went to one of his friends house because the guy was playing this game he wanted to see. Not knowing what to expect we noticed him and a few others playing the wargame on his bedroom floor called Blitzkrieg by Avlon Hill. Dave Galloway had a real job at the time and was bringing home disposable income so he could afford this stuff living with his parents. Shortly afterwards Dave had purchased other AH games and I liked where this was going.

That's when I got involved and my interest in comic books increased and so did my interest in music and science fiction.

When I had my first real job at Burger Chef 1970, I was able to buy a few things but most if any money I had went to the family. In 1971 I had my first real paycheck and I went and bought a ton of records. My other friend Alfred Pearson was also a WW2 buff and collected comics bubble cards Perry Rhoden books, the works. He had money given to him by his mother.

It was about late 1971 just before we moved to the Port Moody condo's I discovered SPI a by monthly wargaming magazine. It had been out for maybe 2 years. I subscribed to that and got the urge to write. I bought a boxed writing course and thought I'd dabble in short stories but I was just getting into Christianity with the Church of Nazarene young peoples group.

We went out to the Thursday night Roller skate party in Blaine Washington and other activities but I was attracted to a girl there in the church. Patty Renick and that's where my love interest began. Dad was getting into NHL hockey when Vancouver got a team and he and his best friend Phil Poulin had season tickets for awhile.

By 1972 I was really getting into SPI wargames but wargame opponents were hard to come by. When my parents moved up to Edmonton, I stayed behind. it was 1973 and I found a place on the east side of Indian arm and worked at the Vancouver Golf club. The job and the residence didn't last long and I met my friend Charles and we got to have a gab session at his place. I was flirting with writing and I soon got a job at the Army and navy Department store in
New Westminster BC. I found a few more gaming opponents a fellow and his wife in White Rock and I began building models and collecting comics and stuff. I discovered Burnaby Hobbies in 1975 and began to pursue an interest in Napoleonic 54 mm plastic miniatures and drawing.

In 1976 I found a bedroom in a house owned by a fellow, Mr. Anderson in "New West"I was into military books at the time and that's when my interest in NHL began. I had quite a collection of books. I lived there from 1976 until 1977 and I spent Xmas 1977 in Victoria with my sister. I fancied myself a bit of a graphic artist working with Mike Katchur another wargame buddy and together we worked on The Trumpeter magazine. Mike was really into the SPI Monster games like War in the East and Drag Nach Osten, which I liked and his sister, which I dated a few times in 1976.

In 1977 I ended up moving to Calgary with a guy named Gord who worked at 3 floors Hobbies in New West, which is still there today. In Calgary I worked at Best Cleaners and Contractor's doing janitorial work and I ended up discovering Punk Rock. More specifically the music of The Clash and the Sex Pistols. I was hooked. Calgary never worked out for me but in Late April of 1977 I found myself back in New Westminster. I had just got onto UIC and things were going great, In May I was privileged to see Star Wars and settled into my first real apartment which was a bit of a dive. Then, something strange happened. I got an invitation to come up to Edmonton Alberta for my Brother Mike and Doris's wedding. I ended up staying living with my parents. I was still into Wargames and I was trying to find wargame opponents. My outlet was Mill Arms. They had some wargames and I was able to find a few mint copies of 1914 with unpunished counters and a mint condition of Guadicanel. But where were the wargamer? Someone there said some of them meet at the University of Alberta at the Students Union building Saturday mornings. So, the next Saturday in September, I was there and I met Ellen. She was into the SCA and we got to talking. She said some of the people she was hoping to meet were into wargames. I met a fellow named Trevor and he had satarted a D&D campaign at his place. I went there and that was okay. I learned most of the wargamers met at the Uof A wargamers Club in the Tory building in the Basement. So I wnet there and met a few and there were a few games in progress. Ellen also said some of the SCA people were into Wargames and I met jim Newton and others and that's when it all began. Shortly after that I got to working at the Army and navy again and before that a job doing security guard work.

I also stumbled onto hobbits Fantasy shop and the SCA, which I got into because I was chasing after Ellen. My parrents moved back to Coquitlam BC in 1979. I had a small bedroom in the basement of the Meyers place and I got into the OTO but more on this later. See the upcoming section on Politics and Religion.

So in Summary, my hobbies include Advanced Squad Leader, which I haven'tplayed anything for some years now. Writing, Computer Gaming especialy Fantasy Wargames like EverQuest. Coast to Coast Radio, WWE wrestling, NHL Hockey Edmonton Oilers, most of my time though is spent behind the computer writing short stories and the odd Novel. Also, I am an active Mason in my lodge, which I won't disclose here but I do that a couple of times a week. Other then the above, it's just me my wife our jobs and the weekends and our lame jobs. More latter on.

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